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8 WAYS TO STYLE A Suit For Men 2022 – How To Style A Suit

Every man looks sexy in suits and now we will tell you 10 WAYS TO STYLE A Suit For Men 2022. If your stitching or buying your suit and investing a lot, then you need to make it worth it that is by wearing it everywhere. So in todays blog we will tell you the different ways you can style a suit so that your money is worth the cost. If you want to know and learn what’s best for you then bookmark out website for new blogs for every week.



If you will wear suit for formal occasions like weddings etc. or if you have started your company and want to pitch then wear good shoes and a good watch. You can decide as per your mood whether you want a tie or pocket. You will look like a CEO if you want to make it more formal remove the vest coat


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This is for daily office wear and in this outfit you will look like a good employee and you will feel like working with style. Remove the tie and wear a checked suit for Friday casual work day on dates too. And wear a loafers for perfect balance don’t put on the buttons leave it open since your having a less mature look. You can look like a cool dude in the office.


Next type of outfit which is my favorite is party wear I have worn with my suit. A black shirt and a black leather Chelsea boots and the accessories with this you will look like an absolute boss in the party. If you go for date too I would prefer to wear this outfit only keep the button .


The beauty of these outfits comes from the fitting so if the fitting is not good it will look bad. Suit is a little formal and mature vibe wear. A casual suede boots and because suit is dark grey I will wear brown boots to which I will speak more on the formal outfits. You will look mature and responsible on dates and the girl will be like this.


Next style is pair your suit with sneakers this style is not classic I myself have seen American youtubers do it. This I loved a lot and in this shoes and t-shirts are maximum casual outfits. This will look good everywhere on casual events it wont look too formal. So trust me you will look very sexy in this outfit or else who would say this dude knows style. Remember the sneakers and t-shirts must be absolutely basic, no design on the shoes as well as t-shirts you must add a cool factor like accessories.


Next style is to match your two piece with a sweater. The sweater should be v neck and the suit should be grey and wear a white shirt. Also the sweater must be fitted and the color must be black or neutral color only. And I have worn suede Chelsea boots so it wont look too formal so I can wear for daily office and dark grey goes well with brown.


Next style is American that is with hoodie but here I have done it with a hoodie that is plain and shoes too so that it doesn’t clash with the suit. You can wear it for parties even dates but hoodies and suit but I don’t personally like them.


Next method you must wear only pant and vest coat not the coat and keep the buttons open and this look is perfect for any cocktail party. Imagine that you wore a suit but then you removed it and now you got this look. This is like me inviting people to my cocktail party in the house. The vest coat must be fitted next look is only pants, you can only wear chinos and you can style them anyhow.

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